Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Will today be the day?

So, tonight I try to start fresh.  Although it is quite late at night, this is me attempting to write on my blog!  While the hubby is away, I tend to stay up super late!
Last night aired the episode of Tori& Dean HSH that I have been waiting months for!  Liam's 3rd birthday party.  What was particularly important about this episode?  Well, I had the greatest thing ever (so far) happen to me.  Tori Spelling LOVED my SuperYou superhero shirts so much, she wanted them for Liam to wear for his birthday party.  So, at her request, I made Liam a his own superhero shirt to wear...and of course I couldn't leave Stella out!  So I made one for her too!  At the time I sent them I had no idea they would be filmed for tv!  I found out the night before his party!  I was shocked to say the least.
So, now, not only where my shirts filmed for tv...they were then photographed and featured in 3 magazines!  Two issues of Us Weekly and the COVER of Star Magazine!  Look at cute little Stella!

Doesn't she look adorable!  Now I know it was Liam's party, but who could you resist a cute girl!
So, needless to say, after watching monday nights episode, I am on cloud 9.
And in celebration of this new found exhilaration, I have decided to do a giveaway!

So, here is what you need to do!

         1.  Become a Follower!

         2.  Become a Facebook Fan!

         3.  Leave a comment telling me why your child would look the cutest in a SuperYou superhero shirt!

Please submit comments by May 31, 2010.  A winner will be chosen by random!  I look forward to reading all of your comments!
Have a "Super" Day!



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