Thursday, July 29, 2010

Buying GREAT gifts!

With Christmas around the corner and birthdays popping up throughout the year,  now is a great time to learn how to choose and buy the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

“A gift should represent an individual expression of you and the recipient.  Know your audience and approach every present as evidence of your thoughtfulness, creativity and talent.  If you pay attention to your day-to-day conversations with friends and family, they will divulge information about what they like and need.  This is the first step in finding the perfect present.”1

Hollywood’s biggest celebrities have given and received gifts chosen by Lash Fary, founder of Distinctive Assets and author of “Fabulous Gifts”.  Considered Hollywood’s Gift Guru, he provides some unique tips and gifting wisdom in his book.  Together with his advice and some additional research, I have compiled some basics for you that will quickly have you on your way to finding that perfect gift!

1. Purpose
Presents should serve a purpose, and there can be many.  Think about how the present will impact or enhance the recipient’s life.   .  Maybe it’s an item they have put off buying for themselves or one that’s whimsical and just makes them laugh or remember a personal event. Make a list of what that person does habitually and then brainstorm on how you can provide a match. 

2. Listening
Pay attention to your everyday conversations with friends and family.  Almost always, someone will provide you with useful information about what they like and need.  Perhaps they told you about a movie they just saw that they enjoyed…consider buying them a DVD when it comes out.  If you are still stuck for ideas, consider talking to their friends or family.  Most people love to help and will point you in the right direction. As a tried but true last resort, you can always ask the recipient for ideas and although this may spoil the surprise, it will ensure they receive that much wanted gift.

3. Gift Registry
These days a gift registry isn’t just for brides and grooms or baby showers.  Take advantage of creating a gift registry or a wish list that you can share with family, friends and loved ones for other occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.  It’s an intuitive way to provide great gift suggestions and it takes the pressure off the giver.  Consider keeping a registry at one or two of your favorite stores. 

4. All year long
Keep your eyes and ears open all year long.  If you find something on sale that you think would make a great gift for someone in your life, follow your instincts and Buy it!  Wrap it!  Tag it!  If you think to yourself “that would be perfect for so and so”, chances are it will.  Too often we see something we like, don’t purchase it right away and regret that we didn’t pick it up when it’s gone or no longer on sale.  Don’t forget to stock up on cards too.  Remembering to present someone with a thoughtful card can often be gift enough.

5. The “Don’ts”
Unless the recipient loves to cook, there is nothing romantic about appliances.  Thus, if it hasn’t been requested, never buy one as a gift.  Also, refrain from giving someone a gift labeled “charitable donation has been made in your name”.  It will only be meaningful to them if it was something they specified!  Finally, when shopping for someone, keep in mind you are shopping for them and not yourself.  While you may be tempted, don’t necessarily buy what you like, but what they will like.

6. Bottom Line
Always consider setting a budget.  The price tag isn’t as important as the time you took to choose something thoughtful, interesting and special.  There are many small gifts that with the proper presentation will serve your intentions perfectly.   Of course there may be occasions that splurging may be essential!  Buy App├ętit!

I hope this list was helpful and will come in handy the next time you need to purchase a gift! 


1Lash Fary, @ website

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 1 of the 31 day Blogger challenge!

So, here I am...basically on day 10 beginning day 1!  I suppose all that matters is that I am actually starting!
So, day 1 challenge is to write an elevator pitch...As you can see I have described my blog as being about my thoughts about everything! In a nutshell, that's my way of talking about what happens all around each and every one of us!
I have also changed the layout of my blog...Since this is about ME writing, I thought the little girl was perfect! (and she looks almost exactly like me...just add 30+ years!)
So...wish me luck on the next 30 days of this challenge!  I am hoping it will increase my writing capabilities and broaden my knowledge of blogging. The internet is our media is the tool to share and discuss basically everything about everyone!  Online publications to be shared openly and freely.
I only hope my ideas, my creativity and my writing skills is enough to keep my readers entertained so they keep coming back for more.
And hopefully this challenge will enable me to do just that!  So...check back and watch as I "grow" during this 31 day challenge!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cupcake Mag/Sprinkles and Phil & Ted's Stroller Giveaway!

Introducing The Smart Stroller! As seen on Sprinkles Blog! 


Have you been introduced to Cupcake Mag and Sprinkles Blog? Well let me formally introduce you! Cupcake Mag Blog is all about "the sweet desire of fashion" and Sprinkles Blog gives you everything you need to know and find out about "fashionable treats for chic-moms & their babies!"  I can't tell you how absolutely thrilled I am to have found them! lol!

Here is a bit of information on the giveaway directly from Sprinkles:

phil & teds...oh how we love you....let us count the way.......
oh wait, where do we begin?

Let's start with the newly launched The Smart Stroller, also known as the "complete compact". The Smart features so many things, I just don't know where to start. The Smart features all the adaptability and modular functionality of a large bodied stroller - packing all the features a mommaista needs into a phenomenally sleek (and ever so chic) compact body.

phil&teds is dedicated to helping parents adapt&survive the crazy world of parenting! They strive to accomplish this with smart products which provide parents the ability to continue to live active lifestyles with tots in tow. Well,The Smart Stroller does just that!

  • Ultra Adaptable
  • Car Seat Compatible
  • Seat Reclines
  • Lightweight! The frame is only 14lbs.
  • State-of-the-art aerococre seat which is hypoallergenic, ultra-supportive cushioning, and easy to wipe clean
  • We also adore the Adaptable Bassinet ( otherwise known as the peanut)
  • The price! It is great value- $249.99 for stroller, or $359.99 for the stroller + peanut bassinet

Besides all the FABulous features The Smart stroller offers; it just looks good. Bottom line; it is uber-chic and the perfect accessory when cruzin' around town with your littles. I personally, could go on about this stroller all day so Phil & Teds is giving away The Smart Bundle to one of our cupcakeMAG readers so you can see for yourself just how amazing this stroller is; sure to start a Phil & Teds trend in your town.

Giveaway Details!
Make a comment telling us why you must-have The Smart stroller bundle (bassinet included) which is a retail value of $359.99. This comment is mandatory. You also MUST be a follower of cupcakeMAG & Sprinkles.

For extra entries, please leave a separate comment for each entry letting us know.
The more you comment the better chance you have to WIN!

1. Follow cupcakeMAG on Twitter

2. Follow phil&teds on Twitter

3. Make sure you "LIKE" us on our NEW Facebook page

4. Make sure you "LIKE" Phil & Teds on Facebook page 

5. Subscribe to our updates (top right corner above) - just sign up with your email! But please make sure you confirm your email address. We do check :)

6. VOTE for us on Top Mommy Blogs here -- just select "click to vote" -- you don't have to register - just a simple click.

7. Tweet about this giveaway and include @cupcakemag -- you must tweet, not just follow.

8. Tweet about this giveaway and include @philandteds - you must tweet, not just follow.

9. Write a blog post about this giveaway on your blog and send Sprinkles the link.

The winner will be selected next Friday, July 24th around or after 11pm, EST. Open to US residents only please.

Even Tori Spelling was in love with the stroller and has been seen toting Stella around Hollywood (she even twitted to confess her love!) so you know it is the fashion-forward stroller to have. Don't waste time! Head over to phil & teds and order one pronto until then enter away and just hope you win.

Stay connected with phil & teds by following them on TwitterFacebook and don't forget to check out The Smart Stroller video here on YouTubeGet ready to be obsessed!


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