Saturday, July 25, 2009

farmer's market update

well, the farmers market trip was a success.  we purchased some bread, granola and a huge watermelon.  it will take an army to eat that whole watermelon!
gianna was good for the most part.  she is in a very "touchy, feely" stage and wants EVERYTHING!
after the market we headed to the founta
ins down by the river.
that was a blast!  gianna had so much fu
n and finally ran through the water so that her head got wet!  i was so proud of her!
then we headed to Petsmart.  they were having adoption day and of course i fell in love with a dog.
there was something about this dog that i felt so connected with her.  she was a terrier mix, about 1 1/2 years old and she was tan and black.
she was little too, with these little paws and a little tongue that just kissed you all over!  she was definitely a lap dog!  she just wanted to be held in your arms.
she was a bit mangy, but i think that is what drew me to her.
well, unfortunately i was told "no" and she did not come home with me.  i actually shed tears on the way home and felt a heaviness in my heart.
i know the responsibility of another dog is large and there is always the additional cost.  but i think having her with us might have helped me a bit.
maybe lifted a bit of the sadness that has surrounded me again lately.
and i thought that maybe this little dog would grow up with gianna, be her little side kick.
but i suppose i missed the chance on her and hopefully someone else wanted to give her a good home. 
otherwise, maybe we will meet again and then i will know we were meant to be together!

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