Monday, August 3, 2009

Red River Moms Short Story Contest

Well, I just received a phone call from the Shreveport Times and was told that I won the Short Story contest that I had entered.

I cannot believe that I won!!!  I have never won anything before!  

If you would like to read my story you can either pick up a copy of the August issue of Red River Moms or you can read below.  I hope you all like it!

Ella Grace and her garden

Hi!  My name is Ella Grace.   Today my family and I are going to plant a garden and I am really excited!  My Mommy and Daddy said that if we plant our own garden, we can grow our own vegetables all summer long!

Let’s see, we have some lettuce, cucumber and pepper seeds!  We even have some tomato plants!

My Daddy shows me how to rake the dirt and get it ready for the seeds.  He says that the best way to plant the seeds is to plant them in a row.  We are even going to plant some flowers so that the garden looks pretty.

We made some labels to put into the ground so that we would know where we planted each vegetable. 

It is my job to water the garden every day.  This will help the seeds grow into plants.  In a few weeks the seeds will grow into seedlings.  My Daddy says that a seedling is a young plant.  He says I am kind of like a seedling! 

I also make sure my garden gets plenty of sunshine.  Plants like to be in the sun.   This also helps them grow to be big, strong plants.

Look at my garden now!  Can you believe all of this grew from those little seeds?

Everyday my mommy and I go out to the garden and pick some vegetables.  I get to help her make a salad for dinner.   My mommy says there is something special about eating the vegetables that we grew ourselves.  I think they taste really yummy!

I can’t wait until we can grow another garden next year!

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